Advanced Dredging and Sampling Techniques – Video


DVD or VHS – This video demonstrates a wealth of valuable information (both above and below the water) on the more advanced aspects of gold dredging and sampling techniques.

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This video contains extensive above and below water coverage of Dave McCracken’s 8-inch commercial dredging operation; above and below water winching techniques; commercial testing and paystreak evaluation procedures; how to safely take apart deep gravel deposits; production dredging techniques; demonstrations of centrifuge, shaker table, rod mill, screen plant, continuous feed amalgamator, hydromatic jig; and much, much more! A wealth of valuable information about commercial gold dredging and sampling techniques!

Whether you are a novice exploring a new hobby, or an experienced gold miner looking for new ways to increase gold production, you will find Advanced Dredging and Sampling Techniques packed with DEMONSTRATED information that no book could ever present.

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