Advanced Dredging Techniques – Pt.2-Limited Hard-cover Edition


Special Limited Hard Cover Edition

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Long-experienced author, Dave McCracken, shares a wealth of insight and USEFUL information about dredging for gold.

Of primary importance to any gold dredger are the chapters on prospecting in hard-packed, natural streambeds, and production dredging. But Dave also covers other very valuable information, such as: which boulders to look for in the streambed that will help you locate pay streaks; a complete rundown on underwater boulder winching techniques; deep water dredging; fast water dredging; cold water dredging; how to care for, modify and repair wet or dry suits, hot water systems; recovering 100% of the free gold out of dredge concentrates with minimal time and effort; and a long list of new tricks of the dredging trade. Dave also carefully outlines the fundamentals of how to go about being continuously successful in gold dredging. His essay about positive stress ("gold fever") is reason all by itself to read this book!

This book should rightfully be called: "What every gold dredger should know – Part 2"

Get the Kindle e-Book Version Here for $6.95

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