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This single book outlines everything that you need to know about getting started in suction dredging for gold. In easy to understand language, supported by clear photographs and graphic demonstrations, this book covers all of the important information–including the legalities; where gold comes from and where to go find it; how gold forms into high-grade deposits; all of the different types of suction dredges that you will see in the field today and how they work; how to get the most from your own dredge’s recovery system; how to operate a suction dredge; how to sample for and develop high-grade gold deposits; the fundamentals of diving and dredging safety; rigging dredges on the waterway; how to complete your final clean-up and market your gold; and much, much more.

Author, Dave McCracken, recognized worldwide as today’s leading authority in modern small-scale gold mining techniques, spends a healthy portion of his summer months introducing others to suction dredging in search of Mother Nature’s richest golden treasures. Dave has put together the Gold Dredger’s Handbook to cover all of the fundamentals that a beginner will need to know to get started in this exciting and rewarding activity.

Get the Kindle e-Book Version Here for $7.95

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